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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Buck Fifty

“[H]ere's to another 25 posts, which will come, however slowly.” ~me, over three years ago, in my last quartermark post

And here we are again. Took me awhile, but I made it through another 25 posts. Lots of things have happened between then and now—for one, I’m about to graduate college with a psychology degree. Let’s keep on, and simply say: here’s to another 25 posts, which will come, however slowly.


~*Five Cubed~ Hello there, March 16, 2009.

~*This Blog Receives a 7.3/10~ Who knew books and video games had so much in common?

~*Smart Words~ I’m lucky to have contact with these people (as well as a few others not mentioned).

~*Slam Sonnetry~ Entered a sonnet into a slam poetry contest. Whoops~

~*Exercising Brevity, Part I~ Part I!
~*Exercising Brevity, Part II~ Part II!

~*Carpe Diem—No Better Choice~ Action over inaction.

~*Still, Almost—Three Versions~ A solid look at the writing and criticism process.

~*Ballet: The Deaths of Romeo and Juliet~ My best souvenir from London.

~*Discrimination at Diversity Scholarship Dinner~ Huh?

~*TGIS~ Why have one shameless plug when you can have two shameless plugs?


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