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Location: North Carolina, United States

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here's an almost shameless plug for Two Guys In Sanity, complete with highly informative information from our Band Information Band Page! If you haven’t already listened to our new track (along with, perhaps, the older ones), I suggest (*completely* without bias, of course!) that you give it a spin.


Two Guys In Sanity

Release Date: FOREVER
Genre: Trip-Hop
Members: Neil Hester, Eric Holtz
Hometown: Lubbock'ish
Record Label: The Hell Is This?
About: This is Trip-Hop. This is what we do. ...Sometimes.
Description: Clearly, you should just listen to our tracks. And pay us lots of money.

Neil Hester: Born beneath a muddied Lubbock sky (a haboob, perhaps?), Neil excelled at music-making at an early age, with the invention of several new pitches and the reinterpretation of a select number of classic hits (such as a rousing remix of The Alphabet Song). After a moderately successful stint as a pumpkin carving prodigy, he returned to his roots (the kind that chords have!) and considered poetry and song-writing as a new side occupation. Six years later, he actually made good on that consideration, shortly after meeting...

Eric Holtz: Born in an indeterminate location (beneath a haboob, perhaps?), Eric dedicated many of his early years to the remarkable art of shrapnel-making. Eventually, after sustaining various injuries (shrapnel-related, of course), Eric made the rather obvious and natural transition to percussion. Soon followed his development of abilities in guitar-playing, sound recording, and cosm(et)ic innovation, which were put to excellent use upon his fated rendezvous with Neil.

Current Location: An Indeterminate Location
General Manager: Amaryllithith (the pink bunny)
Influences: Multiple
Band Interests: Core Value: To promote truth.


We'll put out another track eventually (read: much sooner than four years from now, the length of our last hiatus). In the meantime, don't defect to another trip-hop comedy duo. Also, feel free to contribute song suggestions, general comments, scathing insults, mild insults, social security numbers, etc. to the cause (which is, of course, promoting truth).

Stay classy,

P.S. A cookie to anyone who manages to correctly identify what "No H******g" stands for.