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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Featured Poet- Lynsey Jenkins

Heya everyone,

Today, I'm posting two poems by an acquaintance of mine, Lynsey Jenkins, for your enjoyment:



The mind is a mirror.
You whet your image till it draws nearer.
You wipe with your finger till it comes clearer,

then press your thumb into that place.
You push but when at last a face
gleams back, you slowly release

the pearl that tremors
as in a mirror
turning like the sky over a river,

of which you are a courier.


Sonnet To A Plummeting Lover

Is this what I meant: the glittering
pavements rising, the fictions
of your breath, my face
once arranged, then fleeing away
each nostril, each frightened kick
returned - now thrashing grip, quaked
by clutch nor ardent plea? Is this how
wind ravels your vices from me?
Or clasps us finite, as a sea
veers our ear and turns away?
You glide on disarray, your shape
mocking: at such pace beyond the now,
bending to memory, what lingers
of our sleep, when, at last, we wake?


Lots of nice music and interesting phrasing abounds. The first poem really comes full circle from the first to last lines, and the second poem is a sonnet that has some basic resemblance to the form (in line number and subject matter, though the latter is not approached in a typical fashion), but veers from convention.

Enjoy, and if you have thoughts/comments, make them known!

Take care,


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