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Friday, September 11, 2009

New Favorite Website


In other news, my absence can be explained in one word: college. I'm still getting settled, and I spend most of my time either socializing or studying, so I haven't been writing much of anything that's not school-related. Once I've been here for a bit longer, though, I'm betting more time will open up.

A small personal update, since I mentioned college: I'm currently majoring psychology with a minor in vocal performance. So far, classes have been good for the most part (I was annoyed at having to take two years of foreign language, but Latin is a better class than I thought it would be). College life is nice, and I don't think I'll have too much trouble with my classes (though I've yet to take an exam, so that may change). I'm thinking about approaching the journalism department with a weekly poetry column, but I think I'll wait until next semester/year until I do so. Overall, I've had a good time so far.

That's all for now: it's September, so celebrate. Or something like that. And go read Christwire. Seriously.

Take Care,