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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DSI Update

Recently, Dan Schneider added a ratings system to his interview series (yes, you can rate interviews, too!). There are a lot of great, in-depth interviews, but there are some duds in there as well, from people who are jerks or give shallow/rushed answers. Personally, I think a ratings system is a good way to direct people to the worthwhile interviews and let them skip the bad ones (unless they're just curious). Jess also talked about this change recently, and there's one point that she makes that I want to single out. Some people blame Dan for the bad interviews, and Jess wrote: "...if you're gonna blame Dan for all of the bad responses then by that logic you have to credit him for all of the good ones too." That's a good point, and there are definitely more quality interviews than there are bad ones.

Additional reader comments were also taken into consideration, but the idea was later dropped because the list of interviews would become too cluttered with a bunch of comments floating around (good call, since quality web design isn't about fancy jazz and cramming in as much content as possible, but about clarity and easy navigation). However, Jess thought I should go ahead and post the comment on the James Emanuel interview that I unwittingly wrote. Hey, if it's not going up on Cosmo, it might as well go up here, right?


"A real writer is lucky to find enough time to write, and he will not complain when The Muse is out to lunch. Even without a spade, he will dig in."

Young artists should always leave themselves open to the wisdom and works of older artists; doing so is nothing short of a necessity. However, a young artist must be selective in who and what they learn from, lest they are swept up in a current of bad artists, bad art, and bad ideas about art. I can think of few (if any) works I’ve read that offer more wisdom on writing, in and of itself, than Dan’s interview with James Emanuel. Great insights abound. Furthermore, the poems contained in the interview are a must-read for those unfamiliar with Emanuel’s writing, and every answer provided by Emanuel is precise, polite, and insightful. A must-read, especially for young artists.


Finally, I think it would really awesome if, sometime in the future, Dan Schneider interviews Jessica Schneider, as a special edition~ Fun stuff!

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