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Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost Done

I've been gone lately. Why? Wrapping up high school. I've but a few graduation rehearsals, senior checkout, and a couple "finals", and I'll be done. Go me.

Another reason I've been gone is because I performed in a Les Miserables/Seussical mixed concert last Thursday and Friday. Lots of rehearsals. I haven't seen Seussical all the way through, but I have the 10th anniversary concert version of Les Miserables on VHS, and I recommend watching it. Les Miserables is the best musical I've seen in terms of, well, music, even if following the story can be difficult in a few parts. Here's a couple of the songs:


Bring Him Home

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables


I ended up singing Empty Chairs, which I enjoyed; dramatic is fun, since more acting can be mixed in with the singing. Anyhow, I've not read the book Les Miserables, but I will say that the musical (or, at least, the concert version) clocks in at somewhere around two hours, so it's not the time sink that 1200'ish pages is.

The next act consisted of various Seussical songs. I've always been a fan of Seuss (though with Seuss books, it's important to note that without the combination of whimsical words and illustration, the books would not be great children's books; one without the other just wouldn't work). There aren't many good recordings of Seussical online, but I will say that I ended up singing "A Day for the Cat in the Hat", which was great fun, since, well, dressing up and singing as the Cat in the Hat is simply awesome (and I had a large red box I started the song in).

Anyhow, enough about the musical. I just thought I'd do a lighter post as a "coming back" type entry. Hopefully I'll have some more interesting things to say in the near future. Oh, and it's May!

Take Care,