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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspirational Poems for Valentine's Day

Hey, guys! It's February! I've been reading some wonderful poetry lately, and, because Valentine's Day is a day for beautiful words and truly heartfelt writing, I thought I would share with everyone!

If you don't understand what a lover or a friend is, this poem is just for you!

Sometimes, you get into deep conversations with a significant other. This is a great example of that!

It can be hard to find the perfect words to give to your sweetheart at this most romantic time of the year. However, this poem is here to help! What person could resist "fuzzy song logic"?

And, if you're still having trouble, perhaps you can "reference" this poem!

It's perfectly fine to use someone else words to express your sentiments. It's the thought that counts!

Maybe you've had this happen to you before!

Bye, guys!