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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thinly Veiled Racism

I know that the election has passed (hooray for Obama! though my prediction was a little too conservative), but I see and hear so much crap on Facebook, on MySpace, and at school that I just have to highlight some items. This will be the last blog entry on the election, promise. Anyhow, this election really pulled out a part of peoples' personalities that they normally keep more well-hidden. Anyhow, let's lead into the Facebook statuses. However, because of the format of Facebook statuses, we need a name to assign these statuses to. Let me go to the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator and type in "Idiot"...

"Idiot, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be:
Froth Moonshine Palin"

Okay, our person is "Froth Moonshine Palin"! Hooray!


Froth Moonshine Palin:

guesses she'll just have to cling to her guns and religion.

is moving out of the country if we can actually let him be president. Come on.

is this world is going to the dumps. thanx for electing the anti-christ america.

is thrilled about commie lite America.

BOO OBAMA, lets all move to mexico.

is mourning for the death of america...

is we are all doomed. I feel a secession by our great state. Plan B: Australia.

is wanting to secede.

is can't believe that really just happened!

is We The People...

cant wait for next year! I've always wanted to be socialist...Karl Marx is my hero!

is this the beginning of the end.

is it's the beginning of the end..

The world is over! Get out of the United Socialist States of America while you still can!

is its official...I am losing faith in the elections...

if there is a God he will make sure McCain wins. OBAMA=Antichrist.

is ...

is moving to CANADA! we're all gonna die.


I think moving to Canada would be pointless if "we're all gonna die" anyhow. Now, regardless of whether or not you're Christian, pretty much all the above comments are from folks who profess the faith. It is very morally and religiously sound to freak out about Obama, apparently.

Here's the kicker, off of MySpace. My personal favorite:


ok honestly people i hate obama with a burning passion, and i think that he's the worst thing for america right now, but we should def pray for our leaders.

plus, on the brightside....

he'll be assasinated.



Let's pray for someone who we hope will be "assasinated"! People are so smart.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

It's November the 4th- hopefully everyone's gotten out to vote. Voting on election day is not too much of a hassle where I live, so I went out with my family this afternoon and we all put in our votes for Obama within fifteen minutes. While Obama will not be winning Texas, a stronger Democratic showing this year could potentially begin a movement towards a more contested Texas, come future elections. Also, voting feels like a physical representation of my opinion; I know that sounds kinda sappy, but I gained genuine satisfaction voting for someone I believe will lead this country in the right direction. Combined with the novelty of voting (as this was my first time), it was exciting. Simple and pedestrian, but exciting nonetheless.

Jess posted her election prediction, which includes a fantastic map, as well as a link to an interactive map you can use to predict the outcome of the election. Personally, I'm going with a slightly more optimistic outlook than Jess: I think McCain will take NC, IN, MO, ND, and MT, but I think Obama will take FL and OH. I'm fairly confident he'll win PA, too, but he doesn't need it to win. The rest of the swing states (NM, NV, NH, etc.) have been drifting toward Obama for awhile, so I think he'll take most of them.

While my prediction is certainly not the most educated one out there, I thought it would be interesting to give it a go: 338 for Obama is where I'm placing my marker.