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Monday, August 25, 2008

Another First Day of School always a little strange. After spending an entire summer completely apart from all the people whose company I do not enjoy, I've been thrown into classrooms with all of them again. Of course, I've also gotten to see some people I *do* like that I didn't spend too much summer time with, and it's a friendly reunion of sorts.

I just entered my senior year of high school, and I have mixed feelings about my final year of high school. Sure, I'm excited about moving on to college, which will undoubtedly be more stimulating intellectually, and leaving for another culture for awhile is a welcome prospect. However, after this year is over, I will be leaving behind my family, as well as most (or even all) of my friends. I will also be exiting the comfort of my home for a cramped little dorm room. However, this is my last year, regardless of the pros and cons of the situation, so best to embrace the situation and not overthink the issue.

Again, this post goes against my early intentions of remaining utterly impersonal in my blog entries. I had a birthday recently, so I'm a legal adult now, which is really exciting, since I will be able to vote. More on that later.

To add something literary to this post, there's a fantastic interview with Mark Rowlands up at Cosmoetica. It's not just interesting; it's refreshing and really just fun to read, so give it a look!

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Igudesman and Joo

Well, I'm back from a week-long trip I took to California and Colorado. 35'ish hours of driving doesn't sit that well with me, so I'm really happy to be back home.

A friend of mine (thanks Brady) recently exposed me to the musical comedy duet Igudesman and Joo. I enjoy their performances immensely, not only because they're hilarious, but because they also put their musical talents on display in almost every routine. They've been on tour with "A Little Nightmare Music"; here are a few preview numbers from the show:


Rachmaninov Had Big Hands

I Will Survive

...and, for any Mozart fans out there (I know there's at least one):

Mozart Bond


While they've only toured in Europe and Asia (as far as I am aware), apparently a tour in US is under at least some consideration, as they've actually recognized a group/petition on Facebook asking them to come to the US. Even though it's unlikely that I would be able to attend a concert, should they come, I still hope they eventually head over here, because combining classical music and comedy is not only refreshing for those who already love classical music, such as myself, but also carries the potential of drawing people in who wouldn't normally bother listening to anything classical.

In other news, it's August, and a week 'til my birthday. Last year I forgot it was my birthday until someone told me at school. Anyhow, take care 'til next,