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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zanetti's Façade

Recently, Anthony Zanetti (y'know, the one I've mentioned about a dozen times) from very nice, very nice has begun featuring poetry by other poets. He is quite the poet himself, and, as I have never enjoyed the privilege of posting his poetry on my blog, I shall now bestow myself with the opportunity to do so (how remarkably convenient is that?). Behold:


Façade of a Montreal God
photograph of Fascist HQ, Rome

I’ve stabbed a flag into the Fascist
March eye. You make the bullet
cry, you make the nation
sing. A sovereigned head on a coin,
the shallow inks of wings—align
to remind me: I’ve chosen again. In the city,
at the rally, they shout: he is strong,
il est fort. I find myself chanting along;
I can’t abort. Gods trapped
in a head—we are everything except free:
the azurite Italian, the glittering Mussolini—
orating and exhorting—mathematically
operatic—your head suspended
against the word repeating: si si si si

By Anthony Zanetti


I regret that his dashes do not retain their original length in Blogger format; however, this is currently my favorite of Anthony's poems, so I had to choose it. Note how cleverly the lines are broken. The first three lines are prime examples of great enjambment (the end words in particular consistently have double meaning, depending on whether you read the line or the phrase). The internal rhyme is also fantastic; it's very prominent, but it doesn't come off as forced. Finally, the connection between the poem and the picture is excellent. I'm in full support of art forms and media merging and feeding off of each other, and this poem is a good example of this (can you make a more direct reference to the picture than the one made in the last line?).

Oh, and I just have to link this recent post by Anthony. It, um, inspires many emotions. Yes, that's it.

(I know I should have done this awhile ago, but it's July.)

Take Care,


Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

It's appropriate that his initials encompass the entire alphabet.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

Jessica: Hah!

Neil: Thank you for featuring one of my poems. I learned how to break the lines after studying Cosmoetica--I hadn't yet spoken to Dan or Jessica when I wrote it. Further proof that you really do not need creative writing classes in order to learn from other writers.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Jess: Hahaha, good observation ^^ Kind of reminds of Jason Mraz (goes by Mr. A-Z).

Anthony: No problem- after, it's not just because I like you. It's because you write well. I also learned alot from reading the TOP entries on Cosmoetica before actually daring to send Dan a few poems (one of them was "A Difficulty in Parenting").

4:44 PM  
Blogger Jessica Schneider said...


I hope my bad experiences with musicians won't deter you, though I don't think they will. There just happened to be more "musicians" around than "writers" and hence my mediocre male experiences were limited to primarily those. Had they been writers, I'd be saying: "Never Date a Writer! Gak!"

5:14 PM  
Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

And Anthony, yes I had a set of book ends where one said A and the other Z. I don't know where they are now, but they were nice bookends.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Jess: They won't. I don't at all doubt that you've had bad experiences with musicians, as there are many that aren't worth dealing with. Actually, that applies to every group of people in this world; in the end, it's all about sifting through lots of people in hopes of finding those select few friends that you're really compatible with (and that one you can marry).

12:49 AM  

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