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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Max Raskin

This post, I decided I would give a nod to a fellow high school writer. Max Raskin has several essays archived here; his writing is concise, and some of the essays are riddled with humor. A couple favorites: On Writing and It Starts with a Cookie. He also has an article on Catcher in the Rye published at Cosmoetica. Give Raskin a look; he's definitely worth your time.

Oh~ I just finished a brief ballroom dancing stint; anyone with the slightest interest in dancing should at least take a basic course in ballroom dance. Unfortunately, my (quite lovely) partner and I will not be continuing (until summer, at least) due to time and money constraints. Still, that short period of lessons is easily the most fulfilling thing I've done with my time in awhile.

I suppose it is now March. That said, I 'spose I'm off to school around a little more; I should do my homework earlier, but procrastination is an indulgence.

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