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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Little Love for the New Year

Y'know, I never get very excited at the arrival of a new year; I rarely make resolutions (why wait if you want to change something about yourself?), and nothing super-important happened on January 1st, as far as I know. Days, months, years, they're measurements more than anything else. However, I suppose I do take some joy in looking back at the previous year, so let's look at some highlights from 2007:

  • Had 5 poems published at Cosmoetica and 4 at Monsters and Critics
  • Wrote 47 poems (including my first prose poem)
  • Found a couple very dear people, Corinna and Thomas
  • Had a few articles published (and wrote my first book review)
  • Learned some remarkable music (Chichester Psalms in particular)
  • Went to the Philippines
  • Joined choir
  • Scored a 229 on the PSAT

Overall, I had a great year, and my prospects for next year seem quite good. Best of wishes to everyone for the coming times; can we get a little love in here, Cheshire? Drag a poem out here or something of the sort~


Sonnet by a Lover

The sentiment carries past words
To affect the loved. To tell of birds
And bees is a matter of love and not
Of lovely words when sung to a girl
That knots the soul with a thrilling twirl
And a stilling smile. Intent affects
A line living, penned in a pining daze
For the other. Time to reflect is spent
On the other; everything else is hazed.
Helpless to bareness, he renders
Rhymes to limn a better time;
His words are rich with candor.

At pensive tides, when two are two apart,
A sonnet, poorly written, stokes the heart.


Thanks, Cheshire ^^

Editors take a dreadfully long time to respond, and my poems generally get turned down anyhow, so it's nice being able to put something out there myself here and there, even if it's not quite the same. I suppose it gets frustrating, having good poems sitting around, read only by the writer (and, perhaps, a few other select individuals), so the control of a blog is, in a sense, therapeutic. Ah well~ Take care, folks ^^


Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

I was going to mention that if you're looking to puff up your publication credits, most places accept reviews and things like that. You also might want to try some of the places linked on the front page of Cosmo's sidebar as well as Jason Sanford's recent post where he lists about 30 lit mags, many that accept poetry. You might want to give them a try.

Good poem by the way, I remember that one. Keep up the writing. 47 poems in 1 year is damn good, and given that yours are quality, even better.

Happy New Year.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Shameless said...

A very Happy New Year, Neil. May this year see you produce even more! :-)

7:40 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Jess: I may do a few reviews this summer for that very reason (though it's not really something I particularly enjoy). I'll definitely take a look at Jason's post; thanks for the heads up, and thanks for the compliment.

Shameless: I hope for the same; time and inspiration have both been problems recently. Thanks for swinging by, and a happy coming year to you, too ^^

5:54 PM  
Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

You could send a book review to Hackwriters--the guy usually gets bck to you in a day and so far has accepted every review and story I've sent.

6:04 PM  

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