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Sunday, December 09, 2007

December, Emanuel, and Kittens

Heya folks! I apologize for my extended absence; school has been kicking my butt. Yes, it's been fun, but a bit less work would be nice. Anyhow, I finally finished writing my review of James Emanuel's Whole Grain. The review can be found here. Be sure to also check out Anthony's review and Josh's review, as both are exceptionally well-done (and likely better than mine).

On a side note, I'm delighted that the winter season has arrived; winter is, without a doubt, my favorite season (and Christmas is my favorite holiday). The music, more than anything, makes the wintry months pleasant. While I'm on the topic, I suppose a snowy poem would be appropriate, and, since I already mentioned James:



I watched him watch
His snowman falling down:
No collapse, no breaking parts,
Nothing to grapple with and hold.
Just smooth, small vanishing
And leaning in the sun.

He watched the carrot nose and finger-fashioned mouth
Turn bump and scar in whining air.
But when the sweat-dark brim of straw
And charcoal eyes
Converged on the tilted pipe,
He shoved, to end his man undone.

I watched the gathering in his face
As he kicked snowy trash,
Growled engine sounds, plowed ditches
Rugged as his will on thawing grass.
But his pity it was not: my whim collapsed, broke up,
With trampled pipe and hat,
And sudden snowball whizzing by.

By James Emanuel


Anthony also has a winter-minded post up, should you long for more art of the chilly, powdery disposition, and I previously posted Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. Finally, as it is December, here's the December entry from last year.

One last note: Dan and Jess recently adopted two new kittens, and they (the kittens, not Dan and Jess) are both a bit under the weather right now; best of wishes to Thor and Apollo, I hope they start feeling better. That said,

Take Care,


Blogger Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Very nice!
Snowman poems to bring in the season, and we are getting plenty of snow up here to build them out of.
There's a girl on my blogroll by the name of Leslie Hawes, she has photos up of a snow horse and a snow elephant that she is riding as a child... they are wonderful.

I've started a Christmas meme. If you would like to play along, please come by!

Merry Christmas

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

2:45 PM  

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