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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bits and Bits and Bits

Something about blogger's block... I certainly might be experiencing such a thing, since I post infrequently and have nothing to go into great detail about. That said, let's just hit some bits (and bits [and bits]) instead (Anthony published a similarly-titled post):

What Personality Are Your Pets? Jess ventures the question and proceeds to describe each of her cats. In relation to the Jung - Meyer-Briggs Typology test (quite an interesting test), I retested today. I tested INTJ several months ago, but this time I went the way of INTP.

I recently thought up a policy that I'll implement when I eventually become a parent (which I fully intend on doing). My children will be allowed to say anything to me that I say to them. If I tell them to shut up, they can tell me to shut up. If I curse at them (as unlikely as that may be), they can do the same to me; it's only fair. While it is important for parents to discipline their children, many forget to discipline themselves, which is just as important. After all, children take after their parents.

About a week ago, I took a break from speaking and didn't utter a single word for 26 hours (including 8 hours of sleep). Communication became less specific and more difficult. Being mute was a bit hard the first few hours, but after settling, it was quite pleasant. I got a lot of thinking done in that time. However, actually being mute would be very rough; the communication barriers are immense. I've also considered going blind or deaf for a while, but those present greater difficulties (especially the blindness; most with vision rely desperately on their eyes).

I suppose I'll give a couple last words about Harry Potter, since the series provokes several times more feedback than average books (in a variety of ways): firstly, many people label J.K. Rowling as "greedy". It's not her fault her books are successful. In fact, I've always found her to be quite pleasant in interviews and whatnot. Secondly, I should have mentioned in my essay that more adult themes do present themselves in books 5-7, but the series is still primarily for children and teenagers.

For previous friends and visitors, I'm sure you noticed the changed Blog Title. I'll probably shuffle the title around some (I'm tired of my old one, Evanesce is more of a message board handle) in the next few months. If you have me linked, don't bother changing it, I'm still Neil Hester and this blog is still "LAEvanescent", so to speak.

Love is good.

Take Care,

LAEvaside: Yes, I'm no longer signing my blogs as "LAEvanesce". But hey, I'll still make "LAEvasides", 'cause "Neilaside" sounds far less cool, doncha think? ~_^ [/laevaside]


Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

If I had to guess, I'd say that via my encounters with you, that you are an INTJ. INTP's are more unorganized than you seem to be. They're also flakier, on average.

So you actually went mute for that time? That sounds like short story material. I'd love to know more.

Happy soon to be 17.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Neil Hester said...

Well, the P/J is a close call: I was only 11% Perceiving. The first time, I think I was 10-15% Judging, so it's borderline. Maybe it's just my mood today. I'm also borderline Intro/Extroverted, so I'm very nearly ENTJ or ENTP. Of course, it's not that big a deal (though, while mostly for fun, the profiles can be pretty darn accurate in certain parts)

Going mute could definitely make for short story material, good idea. Maybe I'll pursue that sometime.

5:40 PM  
Blogger AnoNick said...

Hmm... that's true, I (an INTP) am more unorganised... but flakier? hmmm...

Yep, you went mute?? Very interesting thing to do... how did you manage? Yep, you should write about it, would make a great post/story.

About Harry Potter, I'm not a big fan, the series is too popular for me (hype repels me). I did read 5 books of the series though, they were nice. But not outstanding material...

9:16 AM  

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