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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Is Why I'm Savvy

Firstly, I'd like to address a poor choice of examples a couple posts back. I meant to do this earlier, but it slipped my mind until now; here ya go. Basically, my examples of cliché were too general, so I did edit in some better examples at the bottom. Thanks for keeping me in check, Jess. Speaking of Jess, she and Dan have positions as book editors at Monsters and Critics; check out her blog for more on that. From Art, Multi-(Tasking, Media, Directional) 2.

This goes in a separate paragraph because I think it deserves such: This is Why I'm Hot has been reviewed at Village Voice. Classic. Now, for your pleasure:



Knowing (as John did) nothing of the way
men act when men are roused from lethargy.
and having nothing (as John had) to say
to those he saw were starving just as he

starved, John was like a workhorse. Day by day
he saw his sweat cement the granite tower
(the edifice his bone had built), to stay
listless as ever, older every hour.

John's deathbed is a curious affair:
the posts are made of bone, the spring of nerves,
the mattress bleeding flesh. Infinite air,
compressed from dizzy altitudes, now serves

his skullface as a pillow. Overhead
a vulture leers in solemn mockery,
knowing what John had never known: that dead
workers are dead before they cease to be.

By Edwin Rolfe


"Rolfe". Makes me think of Rowlf the Dog from The Muppet Show; he wrote some poetry here and there ^^ Anyhow...

Take Care,


Blogger AnoNick said...

Very nice poem... i rather like the "deathbed" part... Good find.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

I hadn't had the privilege of hearing Mims before this post. I can't believe that it hit #1!

On second thought, yes I can.

6:16 PM  

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