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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Sites: quite a few interesting articles have popped up in the last couple weeks. Sir Poe and The Up Series from Jess (after reading the latter, I absolutely have to watch it this summer); Does the Audience Matter? 5, Ideas of the Artist: the Standard Models, and Taliesin (I enjoyed this entry quite a lot) from Art; and The ULA vs. Cosmoetica from Anthony. And now, a word on sight...


Loosely Laced

Glassless watching: this and that
Are almost one. Blended room
That says: “You shouldn’t scat
With me!”: I differ when I say,
“You are with a better tune
Without your huffy face!”

Even the slums are beautiful
Like this. They almost mock
The other side, with its cruel-
Set corsets and urbane ways;
The ladies find it hard to walk.
You look better without the lace.


I sincerely hope that everyone reading this begins losing their eyesight at some point in life (perhaps at an older age). Sure, great eyesight is convenient; no glasses or contacts needed. Quite frankly, though, such a "blessed" person is missing out on an entire different perspective on everything around them. With bad eyesight, colors blur, objects undergo an abstraction of sorts, and crowds of people become impressionistic. Also, a lack of acute visual interpretation can free one from distractions. It may seem strange to regard such a deficiency as positive, but recently, I've been inclined to spend some time with my glasses off; the stained glass and other architecture at church is nice without lines, and street lights flare up to around three times their size. It's quite pleasant, really. Or maybe I'm just too optimistic. Eh~

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Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

I hope you watch the Up series- the collection in that box goes up to 42 up and then you have to purchase 49 seperately. I know you'll enjoy it and probably get writing ideas from it too.

7:15 AM  

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