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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Falling Back On Sonnetry

Busy. Or, perhaps, merely tired am I, pushing through the dregs of the school year. The momentum gathered from the previous summer has more or less faded. Anyhow, for tonight, let's just feature three sonnets: first, Mr. Schneider...


Siamese Reflection

By Dan Schneider


Linked because I don't think the formatting will work in the smaller margins of the blog. Now, Mrs. Schneider...


In the Tightness of my Sonnet

By Jessica Schneider


Linked because you should read the commentary below the poem. Next, Mr. and Mrs. Deering...


Mr. and Mrs. Deering

Each night, my time, all you.               These years, longing, too true.
These years, and still, so sad.               Long times, nothing. To add,
                            What if you had, what if you had?
                            What if you knew, knew how
We flew. The stars, the town                The blue, the blue, up-down
And us, smiling, grand flight                Water, wet skies, grand sight
                            Is for us! For us, so right, so right!
                            My hand, your hand! Give me
Good land, gardens, a spot                   The sand, soft sun, a lot
To grow, flowers, so vast                       Of us, laughing, at last
                            Is life with you! The past, and passed
                            Is life with you; have not forgot
Those years, us two, not one                Those years, us two, not one
Love lived; with you; are gone.           Love lived; with you; are gone.

By Neil Hester


Okay, so the Deerings aren't the authors. Another sonnet from a writer who's currently in sonnet mode; the sonnet form is nice because it's relatively short and precise (and therefore reader-friendly, especially to non-poetry readers), but highly capable of layering and deeper meaning (a haiku or limerick can only go so far, enjoyable as they may be). I haven't played much with villanelles and sestinas (just a couple mediocre villanelles), but I'll probably give it a look in the near future. As for the sonnet itself, the choppy style helps to alleviate what would be rather cliché (especially the last line). Finally, green tea; I'm more an earl grey person myself, but the stuff's good for ya~

Take Care,


Blogger cosmoetica said...

I see you took a star sonnet and mixed it with the idea from Jason Sanford's poem. Good.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

Great way to take a risk!

10:29 AM  
Blogger LAEvanesce said...

Dan: I was hoping either you or Jess would point that out; the (double-)star sonnet in question *is* Siamese Reflection, by the way.

Jess: Righto; Shakespeare it ain't, y'know?

11:33 PM  

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