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Thursday, March 22, 2007

O Come Emanuel

James Emanuel- heard of him? If you haven't (which is likely), you've missed out. Brought to my attention by this Cosmoetica article, he has great skill in both free and formal verse; yet, he is neglected and has not received his due in the least. To give a couple selections:



"To all things great and glorious":
his wine moved to his lips.
"There are so few," she answered;
her brim touched his fingertips.

They stared the fire into an ash;
their glasses bent their hands
while they, enchanted wistfully,
re-travelled many lands.


For The 4th Grade, Prospect School: How I Became A Poet

My kite broke loose,
took all my string
and backed into the sun.
I followed far as I could go
and high as I could run.

My special top went spinning
down the gutter, down the drain.
I heard it gurgling sideways,
saw it grinning in the rain,
my string wrapped around it
while I reached for it in vain.

My dog got thin and went away.
He took his leash- the wrapping string
that we pretended was a rope-
and went as far as he could hope
to find the sickbed where I lay.

And now, when I remember strings
and how they bind together things,
and how they stretch (like reach and run),
and hold (like hope) and give (like sun),
I tie together things I know
and wind up with a poem to show

By James Emanuel


Jessica also did a post on Emanuel, and Omniversica did a show featuring him. I'd like to get a copy of his Collected Poems, but the checks at Amazon haven't yielded anything yet~ I ought to get a hold of one eventually, though.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emanuel
Shall come to thee, oh France.

...Not quite the same, is it?

Take Care,


Blogger AnoNick said...

Nice poems, love em. "Experience" is wonderful. I also loved "Sonnet For A Writer" on Jessica Scheider's blog.

BTW, Word verification is a little annoying, and maybe unecessary, since you approve before you publish. :)

9:13 AM  
Blogger Jessica Schneider said...


You can try looking on or some places other than Amazon. You might be able to find it under $10 or try Best Web/Book Buys- just Google it and see what you come up with.

10:10 AM  
Blogger LAEvanesce said...

Anonick: Well, I put Word Verification because I was coming back to several advertisement comments every day; I guess I got tired of deleting 6-7 every day ~_^

Jessica: True: I'll give it a harder look this weekend. Thanks~

10:06 PM  

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