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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts! Red! Everywhere!

Yeah, high school was prett(il)y filled with hearts, flowers, and red/white variants, among other things. It was nice; I've never really had anything against Valentine's Day (I remember in elementary when we used to all buy those little valentines with different sports, characters, etc. on them and exchange). In spirit of the holiday, I did a recording of Reading Someone Else's Love Poems (first poem down, scroll down for more love poems).

LAEvaside: The last word of the poem got cut off somehow (I probably just cut the recording by accident), so I'll get another run up soon. [/laevaside]

I'll probably start doing more readings via YouTube (very convenient website) to add another element to this blog. Plus, it's fun reading poetry out loud. Now you know what my voice sounds like! But not what I look like; I'd rather not show myself, for security and mystery (the latter moreso). Plus, I don't need people bothering me in the streets, asking for autographs. Ha!

Oh, on another note, I switched to the new Blogger, finally. I probably won't tag things, though. It causes itching. Oh, also; Two Love Poems, courtesy of Jessica. Noone else has put up a Valentine's entry yet, so... no link for them. Yep~

Addendum: Okay, so I just finished writing a "love" poem; figured I'd go ahead and put it up here so that something of my own hits the theme. Here ya go:


I Love Her!
              “You don't get to choose. You just fall.” ~Anonymous

              “WHAT?! I differ, Sir Anonymous,
I chose her just last week.
She’s giddy and she’s gorgeous
And I love it when she speaks.”

              “What color are her eyes?”
              “They’re brown– no, blue!
Or at least, I should surmise
That they’re a pretty hue.

Anyhow, she’s great! I love
How wonderful I feel with her
Beside me.”
                         “But what of
Her interests? Does she prefer

A dance, a dinner movie,
Or a picnic with the stars?”
              “Well, Anon, you see,
We’re really not that far.”

              “You love her?”
                                               “Yes, I love the dame!
Stop nagging, let me go!”
              “One more question: what’s her name,
young lover?”

                                          “I... don’t know.”

By Neil Hester


Boy, formatting that in HTML was rough. Anyhow, that's it for today; take care 'til next time,



Blogger jdogmoney said...

I'm digging your poem, Neil.

Unfortunately, I have to be rather stealthy for the rest of the night, so I wasn't able to see the vid yet.

With all due respect,

Postscript: You should put your version of "Nothing Like a Dame" in your blog.

11:50 PM  
Blogger SempreArioso said...

Your poem was great! Love can blindside you like that. ^ ^ Happy Valentine's Day.

9:19 PM  
Blogger AnoNick said...

Cool poem, realistic too ;-).

8:25 PM  

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