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Monday, January 15, 2007

Quickie, 'Cause I'm Lazy

Yeah. Y'know, I just realized that I never linked to this superb article, so here it is. Everyone one should read it, but young writers (like me!) moreso than others. Another reason it's superb is because I'm in it (though that's mostly just cool to me). Now, a poem from myself, this one of more consequence than the one in the previous post (and one of my personal bests as of now):


Ou La Mort

I was told to, bar what they sing,
Squeeze my longings to a point
That pins the edge. Of nothing
I speak of; of nothing I take
Everything that is left to behold.
Such is taken by eyes that cease
To shun the dead horizon,
The curve that mocks sanity
In its (im)purest form:

God of the civil razor, he laughs
Before the dawn, his daily draw
Of red stench, common and quick,
Laced with the cheers of men
And children, dying to see
Life pass a terrific door and flee.

My name is on a program.
Everything exploded: my longings,
My lungs against the zeal of men
Who urged me (in a sense) to be
With and one of theirs. They cry,
Liberté, égalité, fraternité!, and I
Bellow out of mind, but sane,
Ou la mort!, and die.

By Neil Hester


The French Revolution is pretty cool, y'know, with the guillotines and whatnot. I'm not really a morbid guy or anything, but guillotines are cool, starting with the cool name, and progressing with the cool design, and the fact that I have a distinct memory of a (cool) guillotine in the childrens' show Wishbone slicing cabbages in half instead of dismembering heads. Good times.

LAEvaside:Wishbone is a great kids' show; it exposes great literature to children in an easy-to-understand and cute fashion, but doesn't make any attempt to sugarcoat negative aspects of the storyline. Also, never was there a better talking dog (with the Taco Bell chihuahua coming in at a close second). Too bad they don't show it very often anymore. [/laevaside]

Good rant. By the way, if you miss the more focused, aggressive articles that seem nonexistent lately, do not despair; I'm just tired and busy. I'll come back with some attack-mode articles eventually, don't worry. Take care,



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