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Monday, January 29, 2007

Half Hundred

Here we are, at the minorly monumental moment that is the 50th post of this blog. As of now, it's been a sharp ride. I appreciate those readers out there, and even moreso those who take it upon themselves to leave comments (feedback's good, y'know?), so go buy yourselves the dessert you shouldn't have. Or something like that. Anyhow, here's a few (read: ten) posts of importance in the previous twenty-five:


~*Five And Twenty~ The first of these quarterly posts; a link containing other worthwhile links.

~*PSAT- Pretty Savvy Aptitude Test~ Yes, there is educational satisfaction to be had in America. A positive (ov)review (that's a strange parentheses) of the PSAT.

~*Articles and Excerpts of: Hodophixuality~ Aside from the stunningly create name, this article details some interesting facts about homosexuality, child sexual abuse, and their (non)relation with one another.

~*Via Verse Immortality~ Exchange with Jessica Schneider about longevity through art. Features a poem by myself that uses a complex rhyme scheme (though the message is somewhat shallow).

~*Painting Poems~ Contains a good poem by Jessica Schneider (there she is again!) and one by myself (based on a John Singer Sargent portrait), as well as a little rant on combining art.

~*~Til~de~~ Self-explanatorily cool~

~*Looking Back- First~ As far as I know, my first poem.

~*Choice and Brooks; Bad and Good~ Why does Academia feed students inferior poetry? The literary felony detailed, in addition to a great Gwendolyn Brooks poem as well as a lesser one improved by myself (less is more!).

~*Reading- Poetry and Prose, Papayas and Paperclips~ A short article on the act of reading poetry. I might continue with more on this topic in future entries.

~*Man, Education is a...~ Sticking it to the collective man that is the group running the American educational system, with the help of Charles Murray.


That's all for now; here's hoping for another twenty-five worthwhile posts to come (at which point we will make the same wish again). Take care 'til next time,



Blogger AnoNick said...

Cool! 50 posts... wow, you'd begun so humbly, and now you're posting regularly, and posting nice peoms and articles at that... Congrats! :-)

7:17 PM  

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