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Friday, November 24, 2006


Behold- the tilde ("~")! Just as Emily Dickinson employed — dashes in a unique fashion, and just as the 1 and only Dan Schneider uses digits & "and" signs in his prose, I use tildes on frequent occasion. Granted, I can't do this in school writing; creative liberties are *not* to be taken there, right? But hey, it happens~


Question: What sort of ending did the tilde after "happens" connote? I use tildes to denote a lilting ending; the sentence does not abruptly come to a stop, but drifts into the next sentence. The shape of the tilde subliminally suggests such an effect. Let's define our (four) end punctuations to a sentence:

  • Period- The period creates a matter-of-fact ending to a sentence.
  • Exclamation Point- The exclamation point is exciting!
  • Question Mark- The question mark denotes, well, a question... right?
  • Tilde- The tilde provides a casual, nonchalant ending to a sentence~

  • See what I mean? You better! I hope you do. It'd be a shame if you didn't~


    Wild, overly enthusiastic explanation aside, here's a Wiki entry on the tilde. The tilde has a variety of uses, but not those I employ. Punctuation isn't an explicitly undeveloped part of language, but I'm convinced that it can be used more effectively, starting with the addition of the tilde (and perhaps 1-2 others; we'll see) as a legitimate punctuation mark. Then again, I suppose universal legitimacy has no effect on whether or not I use it, so that's somewhat of a nul point. I have yet to use it in poetry, but I use it in prose often enough, particularly in speech, asides, and paragraph endings. Repeated tildes also make a rather elegant line divider. Lastly, I use it before signatures; it still has the same connotation. That said, take care 'til next time~



    Blogger SempreArioso said...

    It is about time someone gave credit to the tilde. Nice entry you've got here.

    7:35 PM  
    Blogger jdogmoney said...

    Neil, if you don't mind, I think I'll use the tilde in my stuff more.

    Especially in place of ellipses...

    With all due respect,

    7:19 PM  
    Blogger LAEvanesce said...

    Tilde ahead~ Although, it's not quite an outright replacement for the ellipses... but it can replace them in some cases.

    12:14 AM  

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