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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The SAT *Can* Be Funny, You Know

Here we go, a spare post with few comments. Due to my current laze, the lone feature for today is a rather humorous SAT essay that was presented to me in my SAT-Prep class. Basically, we had to pause class and regain our composure before proceeding again. Anyhow:


            Some people in the world today feel that they need to achieve a goal in order to receive fame and money. While others achieve a goal for their own satisfaction. I personally feel that you should achieve a goal for your own satisfaction and not for that of fame.
            The most important thing about someone's life is to have a positive self-esteem. People need to not worry so much about what others think and just need to start concentrating on doing everything for themselves. Within my life I set a lot of goals from which I hope to achieve. One major goal is that of trying to drop my fifty meter freestyle time to twenty-five seconds. I work day in and day out on this and want to show myself I can do it. Idon't care what others think about my goals. I want to do this for myself and not for fame or money.
            A person should not feel the need for fame or money because if they achieve a lifetime goal they should just be happy with themselves. Think about it I mean, how long does money last? Is fame really worth anything? I don't think so. I mean, I know it would be nice to be recognized for doing something special or extraordinary but truthfully it won't help you. Fame may make your day or make you smile for a couple of days but when you really think about it, it won't make you happy for the rest of your life. Yet, if you do something for yourself and keep doing things for yourself you should always be happy with yourself.
          Remember fame and money don't last forever but one's own happiness can last a lifetime and eternity. Therefore it is very obvious that the choice that should be made when trying to find motivation for a goal would be that of personal satisfaction rather than that of fame or money.


My favorite bits:

  • "Think about it I mean, how long does money last? Is fame really worth anything? I don't think so."
  • "Fame may make your day or make you smile for a couple of days..."
  • "Yet, if you do something for yourself and keep doing thing for yourself you should always be happy with yourself."

  • Genius, isn't it? Please note that the writing itself gets far worse than this; however, this person's grammar comes off as particularly funny. 'Til next time,


    LAEvaside: In writing this article, condescension was not my intention [/rhyme], and if it comes off like that, sorry. Its purpose is to highlight a few odd phrases that are somewhat funny, nothing more. [/laevaside]


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well I can see your "positive self-esteem" must be extremely low if you must bolster your own pathetic writing by belittling an SAT essay written most probably by someone who never writes/cannot do it well... genius, isn't it?

    11:29 PM  
    Blogger SempreArioso said...

    The results of someone *trying* to sound intelligent. ^ ^ We read something like that in English.

    10:53 AM  
    Blogger LAEvanesce said...


    I'm not belittling anyone. I'm merely pointing out that that this person's writing comes off as somewhat humorous. No, their grammar isn't that great, but I have nothing against who wrote this, nor do I consider them a bad person for writing in a mediocre fashion. I don't see anything in the article that refers negatively to the writer. "Genius, isn't it?" *is* sarcastic, but I'm referring to this person's particular wording as "genius", in that it is able to invoke laughter. Also, I actually defend this person by stating that there are many worse essays.

    If it's a crime to note the humor in writing, then I'm a criminal. Also, if you think my writing is pathetic, I have no problem with that, although I'd love to know why (maybe I can improve for you!). Oh, and do post under a name next time; it's not polite to post Anonymous ~_^

    11:05 PM  
    Anonymous Daniel said...

    Sorry, mate, thought you were a tad overbearing..

    Your writing is amateur, yes, but it's expected from a person of your age.. I'm not critiquing you, really, just continue writing and reading lots of poets, I guess.

    I just can't stand people that exalt themselves in some manner, when it comes to writing, really, we're all the same. Sorry if I got the wrong impression.. those SAT essays can be tough, especially for poets.

    By the way my name is Daniel, if you really wanted to know.

    Good luck, mate.

    11:53 AM  
    Blogger LAEvanesce said...


    I can understand the misinterpretation due to the vague nature of a statement such as "Genius, isn't it?". Also, "pathetic" and "amateur" are two different things; my prose is amateur (for obvious reasons) but not really pathetic. My recent poetry is neither (though my less recent works fit one or both categories).

    Also, I don't consider everyone the same in writing; quality ranges from abhorrent to divine, and every writer has his/her own style. But hey, to each his own.

    (By the way, I added a short addendum to make it clear that condescension is not my intent; thanks for pointing that out.)

    4:17 PM  

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