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Friday, November 10, 2006

Parodization (Parodification?)

LAEvaside: Neither of the main title are actually words. You probably could have guessed that, but eh~ [/laevaside]

Bang! I saw this poem about half a year ago and later decided to parody it. Here's the fodder:


iris    moon    sheaths

scubadivers    chrysanthemums    also

deer    inlets    dream

oars    this    earth

geese    lined    bowl

shard    so    horizon

cod    dried    dawn

bones    sky    written

lichened    space    rock

fossils    celebrating    investors

crematorium    shared    persimmon

hyacinth    clustered    strangers

cranes    three    words


Amazing work of art, ain't it? It begged for treatment, so that it got:

(Note: the first "~~~~~~~" is part of the poem.)


Not Abstract

and    imagined    perplexity

horizon    iris    intellectual

lay    words    these

composite    of    climax

render    paleontologist    muse

a    visionary    summon

bones    leaves    amber

extraordinary    caricature    art


And if you imagined some ingenious perplexity,
Some grand horizon, some iris of intellectual beauty
Should lay within those words before these lines,
That composite heap of uselessness,
A poetic climax of irrelation,
I should render you a fantastic paleontologist,
A mighty muse of a visionary–
To summon from raptor bones, fern leaves,
Lizard scales and amber flies
Some single extraordinary caricature of life and art.

By Neil Hester


The poem may be a bit too wordy and also cliched in the first few lines, so I might rework that later, but I think it's relatively effective, particularly the "I should render you... a visionary" part and the last line. Also, note that the following words are in part one of my parody, as a nod to the original: iris, horizon, and bones, and words. I've always liked parody and have also dabbled in the parodization of pop and rap with a friend, two music genres that are often simply ghastly nowadays.

Expect an argument for the usage of the tilde ("~") as a punctuation mark in the next couple weeks; the tilde is the most prominent of my idiosyncrasies, as far as writing is concerned. That said, take care 'til next time,



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