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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


With another month comes another Month entry. Behold... November!


  • November was the ninth month in the Roman calendar until a monthless winter period was divided between January and February.
  • Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated in Mexico on November 2.
  • November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.
  • November begins on the same day of the week as March every year and also February except in leap years.
  • November's flower is the chrysanthemum.
  • In Finnish, November is called marraskuu, meaning "month of the dead".

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    As usual, these facts are pulled from November at Wikipedia. As a side note, I really like Wikipedia for casual research, but remember; avoid it for all serious research. Now, onto the couplet:


    No Vember

    "Do you have a Vember?" "I carry no Vember,
    And what is a Vember?" "...Why, I don't remember!"


    Ah, the joys of nonsense verse. Keeps you limber and whatnot... 'til next time,



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ah yes, the understated glory of random verse! =^_^= Here's some more random tidbits about November: Did you know the Roman Catholic church declared November 1st as a celebration day to saints in A.D. 835? The holiday actually started the previous evening and changed from the "Eve of All Hallows" to "All Hallows'Eve" to "Hallowe'en." Thus, the famous holiday came to be.

    The Anglo-Saxons also called November "Wind Monath" and "Blod Monath", standing for the cold winds and the hunt for food.

    ^_~ I hope you enjoyed these November-based facts.

    8:14 PM  
    Blogger LAEvanesce said...

    Definitely~ Nonsensical verse doesn't really deserve all the flak it gets from Academia; half of their work is worse anyhow.

    Oh, and I enjoyed the November facts, thanks a lot ^^

    10:16 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ^_~ Heh, I agree.

    You are very welcome! I enjoyed the other posts here, too. ^ ^

    7:06 AM  
    Blogger SempreArioso said...

    =^_^= Ah, November! One of my favorite months, besides September. I enjoy these random facts and I look forward to seeing December tidbits, when the time comes . . . ^_~

    10:04 PM  
    Blogger AnoNick said...

    Nice monthy factoids again... keep 'em coming.

    The "No Vember" was good. Well, I support nonsense verse. ^^

    8:45 PM  

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