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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Five and Twenty

I've decided that, at every interval of 25, we'll look back at some of the more important posts of the past. Here are selected posts that you should definitely read and comment upon:


~*Welcome and Whatnot~ I include this merely because it is the first post. It isn't particularly interesting, though it does mark the first of my "definition pulls".

~*Lewis Carroll~ Lewis Carroll is one of the greatest influences on my writing as of now. His prose is delightful, and his writing, both poetry and prose, is along a "fairy tale" fret I am very interested in.

~*Poem I: Lighten Up~ Not only an interesting expiremental poem, but as the first of my works posted here.

~*Copyleft! Copyup! Copydown!~ A short entry on copylefting, a nice extension on copyright that is briefly touched on by myself and elaborated upon in a linked article.

~*Let's Talk About Pedophiles!~ Here's where we get a little gritty. Though I touched on homophobia briefly in an earlier entry, this is a topic I have much more interest in. Society warps language. It's a problem, annoying, and unforgivable. [/"uh"lliteration]

~*Education Ain't Intelligent~ The war against education begins; sometimes they just don't get it.

~*The Sargent: John Singer~ My favorite artist, I highly enjoy his works, particularly his portraits of children (hey, what can I say? I like kids) and his landscapes/floral paintings.

~*Foray Into Teaching Poetry~ The most heavy-hitting of my educational essay, this one discusses what teachers and textbooks are doing wrong and how/what certain things should be presented.

~*A Little Idyll~ One of my best poems as of now is featured here, as well as a nice piece by Kate Benedict.


It's rather pleasant looking back. I suppose that's a wrap for five and twenty: 'til next time,



Blogger AnoNick said...

I find your poems, and the ones you find to post here, quite brilliant. Keep up the good work!

6:12 AM  
Blogger Jessica Schneider said...

Hey Neil-

Just a thought, I made a link list of some blgging classics on my blog,(mostly the funny ones and the one on James Emanuel)that way new readers will always find them. Also, I did a selected poems link list too. Maybe you might want to do that with your own poems as well. Just a thought.

I do enjoy your posts, though.


10:26 AM  

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