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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Double Shortie Quickie Thingie

In short, a double entry of small/quick light/humor poems I wrote. It's all I can give right now, hopefully I can manage some more in-depth entries soon. Now, carrying on... wait, things! Had to throw that in since I had all the other roots of my title in this paragraph ~_^


The Attack of the Breadthirsty Cannibals

The attack of the breadthirsty cannibals
Would involve the gingerbread man, I’m sure.
However, the difficult question to answer
Is how one can drink one’s bread.

By Neil Hester


Englishical Improv

Be vigiling when you use a nonsensing word
In this poemish literature you may have heard,
Opinioning on this gibberish will vary, be wary,
For englishical improv is skillingly scary
To englishical teachers quite intentful to
Give a seriousesque teaching to me and you.

By Neil Hester


Yay for nonsensingness and whatnot~ It's best to have fun with words occasionally, lest you fall into the abyss of seriouness. We don't want that to happen, now do we? ~_^


Blogger AnoNick said...

I must thank you for giving me complexes. ;-) The first one is a typical nonsensical entry, not too good. But the second one is classy. :-)

11:24 PM  

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