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Thursday, August 03, 2006

So... Do You Have Homophobia?

It’s seems like nowadays, since gay issues have become more public and controversial, that a lot of people (perhaps this is a conservative state thing) are taking the stance that they’re "homophobes". Chances are, though, that you’re probably not; maybe you’re a little uncomfortable are gay folk, but I doubt very many people have an actual "fear" of them. Dan Schneider came up with a much better term (Behind Homosexual Biases); "homotaedium", which would translate into "disgust or wearisomeness" for "same" or gay people.

Let’s get this straight; I’m not telling anyone that they should feel uneasy around homosexuals. Most do, and that’s natural. However, seeing as to how most of us don’t fear gays (despite some claims), our feelings should be suppressable (fear isn’t easily manageable; uneasiness is). There’s really no reason to give especially biased treatment to anyone who’s come out of the closet since, besides their sexuality (which is mostly irrelevant to us), there’s nothing special about them that couldn’t also occur in a straight person. They’re people who may or may not have traits that are likeable and may or may not contribute to society, and should be judged by those standards.

Another sub-fear/uneasiness people seem to have is the idea that a gay person is going to hit on them. If they know you’re straight, it probably ain’t happening. After all, would you hit on a gay person if you knew they were gay? Obviously it’s not gonna go anywhere ~_^ If, by chance, someone does make a pass, *then* you can get uneasy and back off (or tell them off~), but it’s not even worth thinking about until it happens; do you worry about getting into a lethal wreck every time you hop in a car? Possible, but unlikely.

That’s a rap; you don’t have to be gay around gays, but running away is pretty sad, y’know?



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