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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Sargent: John Singer

In Portland, Oregon, 2005, I had the privilege of browsing a traveling exhibit carrying various children's portraits by John Singer Sargent. Before this point, I had not known who he was (visual art is not one of my main interests), but after spending a long period of time at his display, I was completely charmed by his beautiful portraits. When I arrived back home, I looked for his artwork on the internet and stumbled across a wonderful virtual gallery which I inevitably spent hours upon hours in. Not only are his portraits wonderful (though his portraits of children are still my favorites), but Sargent has done great work in landscapes as well (especially his Venetian works). I highly suggest you spend some time to visit the aforementioned virtual gallery; something there is sure to please.

While I'm here, allow me to list my favorites (with links):

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Village Children
Garden Study of the Vickers Children
Essie, Ruby, and Ferdinand

Blue Gentians
In the Luxembourg Gardens
Shady Paths Vizcaya
Terrace at Vizcaya

A Morning Walk
Madame Roger- Jourdain
Lady with Parasol

The Four Doctors
Charles Deering

Rio dell'Angelo
The Grand Canal, Venice
The Libreria

Rehearsal of the Pas de loup


These I would rank as my absolute favorites. My personal collection is about 7 times as large, and the virtual gallery is several times that. Hopefully the exposure to John Singer Sargent was worthwhile to you; that said, take care 'til next time,



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