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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Poem On Poetry

Well, I’ve lost my ability to do consistent every-other-day posts (EOD posts, I suppose), due to the fact that school has begun and I’m extremely busy during schooltime (with the sports, orchestra, and homework). I’m sorry if you’ve gotten used to the EOD-ness of my blog, but posts may well become sporadic from time to time. Anyhow, on to the poem:


Forego the Poetry

Forego the poetry! The delightful elegance
And eloquence of their words
Brings confusion, emotion, and
Undesired thoughts!

Criticize the poet! The insightful elegies
And poesies they compose
Muddle the clear-cut, objective

Disregard the poem! These sprightful compositions
And creations brought about
By sagacious, poignant writers
Express cryptic truths!

By Neil Hester


I like self-made rhythmic patterns/forms, whether it be for rhyming or non-rhyming purposes. Also, writing poems about poetry/poets is obvious, but fun irony.

Once again, sorry for the decreased frequency of blog updates (and, by extension, a decrease in the length of some posts), but school > blog, since I have a feeling my school activities have a greater impact on my future than updating my blog =P



Blogger AnoNick said...

It's OK if you don't do EOD posts: school is more important ;-).

The poem is nice. And true too! Very elegant and rhythmic. But I do like rimes.

11:25 AM  

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