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Friday, August 11, 2006

Poem I: Lighten Up

Copyleft in place, it's time to display something of my own:


Lighten Up

Such a sullen sigh this evening wears the world in which we daily dine;
Lighten, guys and lasses, lads and gals, I urge you, upwards we alight!

Perchance we might romance a rather lovely nightingale,
Though if we fail, a moonlit dance may serve to ease our ailing hearts;
A pleasing sort of artwork that is perfectly apart from any
Melancholy feeling or affair.

We have now begun to deal, to feel, in fairy tale ordeals;
The ceiling has departed, we have started,
Let us saunter on with limits left behind!

A daughter here is deftly spinning straw to gold,
As golden locks bear clawing hands that walk the golden stair.
The fairest maiden of them all is laden with an apple,
Or a pumpkin made for ballroom-set soirees, or maybe made
For chapels set for perfect wedding days.

But oh, I’ve more than said enough for ladies lovesome;
Let us mosey through a gruffer, not-so-fluffy fare.
Beware the wolf who blows, who goes
For pigs and hooded girls! And too, be wary for
The giant baking bread with bones
And giant gingerbread abodes that tend to house a lousy fate
That never seems to bode so well for those who stay and wait.

...And now, my dear companions, I must say to you, adieu,
For time has ambled on, and so, the night begins anew,
Though if you wish, then you may stay up here, and save the view,
Enlightened by your fairy tale; it’s not yet overdue.

By Neil Hester


This poem is important because it highlights one of the techniques I have great interest in: internal rhyme. Though it is used sparingly, internal rhyme is rarely focused upon, and it's something I've been tinkering with for a while now. Emphasizing rhymes within lines adds a great deal of liveliness to verse, which can be useful (particularly in light verse; internal rhyme sometimes becomes overwhelming in serious poems).

Oh, and a note on the above; there are 10 references to specific fairy tales. Can you pin them all? ^^



Blogger AnoNick said...

Wow, a very good first poem for your blog. :)

I'm not very interested in fairy tales, but, yeah, I did spot them. Nicely woven into the poem.

About internal rhyme, I believe it should only be used sparingly. It adds liveliness, and can be very good in light verse.

Keep the poems coming. ;)

9:22 PM  

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