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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting Back On My Feet

Folks, I apologize for the shortened (and lazier) entries I've had lately. Beforehand, let me warn you that this is another relatively quick go at posting. However, I do believe I will be back up on my time-feet soon enough; school's rough beginning is leveling out. That said, here's a more traditional poem of mine to prove that I don't just experiment around all the time:



Prayers fall away at bedside,
Covers shiver, part and fold.
I tumble, climb, and slide,
Then lie; the sheets are cold.

I try to tackle comfort,
To navigate the downy stage.
I change and disconcert
The awkward linens in my rage.

The clock hands follow moving time,
The body rests at ease,
But in my mind the tocsins chime;
My psyche disagrees.

Now my tepid bed reposes,
For the chassis wrestles not;
Still, the spirit proses,
I confess, I am distraught!

Asunder, frame and painting
Tear apart! The sky relaxes;
The weary sun is fainting,
But behold the moon; it waxes!

My spilling moon is full tonight,
An overflowing mess.
Fragments flood, I enter plight
Of broken, scattered stress.

A smoky skyline overlies
The briskly falling world.
At nadir waits a false demise,
A mortal trick unfurled.

The war progresses, vaguely set,
The salvos roar in storms, abound.
Fighting, frightened, spilling sweat
And blood. Embracing ground

And mud, dying...
Bed sheets scatter, drenched in panic.
Purgatory gone, arriving,
Now earthbound, spirit manic.

My berth is fevered, sick and wet,
My skin insists on weeping.
The piercing climax I forget
Within my shallow sleeping.

By Neil Hester


~No comment. Well, okay, one quick one that pops into mind. The roughly constructed second-to-last stanza, along with the two previous lines, are intentional. That said, take care 'til next time ^^



Blogger AnoNick said...

That poem is a work of art. Very nice rhyming and metre. Excelent usage of climax, among other figures of speech.

Loved it!

5:14 AM  

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